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Toll Free 1800 636 838

Address 11 Hampden Rise Baldivis WA 6171

Office Hour 8am to 5pm

Q : How do I find my local Kenkleen WA operator in my area?
Simply go to our Kenkleen WA Operators section on our website.
Q : How much does it cost to have the work done?
Our Kenkleen WA operators will give you a price before they start the job, all house's vary.
Q : How often should I clean my windows?
Most of our commercial customers select our bi-weekly or monthly service while most residential customers select quarterly, interior & exterior cleaning. We will work with you to develop a custom, no obligation cleaning service plan that meets your specific needs.
Q : Does Kenkleen WA have a guarantee?
We guarantee our work to the customer’s complete satisfaction. We will re-clean one window or the entire job if needed.
Q : Is all Kenkleen WA operators licensed and insured?
Yes, we are licensed and insured and Police Cleared too.
Q : Are Kenkleen WA cleaning products biodegradable?
All of the products we use are environmentally safe and biodegradable. We pride ourselves in protecting our technicians and customers from harmful chemicals.
Q : Does Kenkleen WA do Builders Cleans?
Yes we do with prompt and reliable service.
Q : Can I organise the Kenkleen WA operator to clean what i want cleaned?
Yes, our operators will ask you what you want to have cleaned.
Q : Do Kenkleen WA operators include other services?
Yes, some or our operators will clean your gutters , repair flyscreens, and much more.
Q : How do Kenkleen WA get the windows so clean?
A great deal of care, training, practice and high quality tools all contribute to the results you ultimately see. In addition, we take a great deal of pride in getting your windows spotless where possible and giving you the result you desire.
Q : Does Kenkleen WA provide one-time service window cleaning?
Yes, of course. If you are trying to get your home ready for a party or just feel like you don’t have enough time with life’s hectic schedule, we will be there for you.
Q : Does Kenkleen WA clean windows year-round?
We clean windows in the dead of winter to the heat of summer. We want you to enjoy your home while your hiding out from the extreme Idaho temperatures.
Q : I love my home very much. How much care is taken inside?
We take pride in our work and always care for our customer’s property as if it were our own. We are very particular and our clients love that about us. We always use disposable shoe covers and drop clothes to protect carpet and wood floors. We care and it shows!
Q : Can Kenkleen WA remove bore strains, or calcium marks?
Most times, they will try a small area and check results, before continuing.
Q : Do Kenkleen WA operators make a mess?
No. Our operators, do not make a mess. Very little water used to clean glass